A Christian Amendment

2 Feb

Christianity is under assualt like never before. America is in the grips of secularism and is going down the moral sewer. Secularists even want to deny the Christian origins of this country, and Christians have to compete with atheist displays on our own holidays. Babies are being aborted and homosexuals are trying to push their lifestyle as normal. This needs to stop. We need to push for a Christian Amendment to the Constitution to remove all doubt that this is a Christian nation. This amendment would:


1. Establish America as a Christian nation (with proper respect for other religions)

2. Outlaw abortion as the unspeakable evil that it is

3. Define marriage as between one man and one woman

4. Make pornography illegal

5. Allow school prayer

6. Allow non-sectarian religious displays

7. Ban the teaching of evolution as anything more than a mere theory

8. Leave it to the states to enforce moral criminal laws against fornication, adultery and homosexuality but make such laws constitutional.

This amendment would change the constitution and hence could never be ruled unconstitutional.

What would change? Basically nothing except that America would become a more moral nation under God. This is not advocating a theocracy. We would still be a democratic republic as we always have been.

It is sad that we need something like a constitutional amendment to bring us back to God. If just 100 years ago our forefathers would have known how Godless and secular we have become, they would have dropped dead.  They fought and died for God and country in numerous wars. They did not fight for secularism. This nation was once great, and she can be again, but we need to rescue her.
So folks, this is why it is necessary for Christians to get out to vote. Let’s make America great again.


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